Thank you to our every-day, unsung heroes.

A thank you to those who provide us with the technology and tools that pave the road to our customer’s success.

Let’s face it – Avionix would have never reached so many milestones in our short history, without the support of our technology and tool suppliers. We are not the only company out there who are so heavily dependent on great products and services offered to us by third parties. So I wanted to take a moment and reflect on their meaning to our customers and us.

As a service provider and developer we do not continually reinvent the wheel – instead, we take existing solutions and combine their strength to develop custom and genuine solutions, designed to fit our customer operations like a beautiful tailor-made suit.
Over the years we have carefully selected our technology stack to meet today’s business demands and trained our team to leverage each product to its maximum potential.

Let me list our most important vendors and solution providers and explain why we believe their offering was the right match for our mission.


Sammy is the face of DigitalOcean. A friendly shark, who has seen outer space and the deep currents of the global information backbone, the internet. He has been a partner to us since day one. The company’s infrastructure as a service offering is not only the home to our internal servers and development environment; thanks to their seriously simple and flexible attitude towards cloud computing, we have been able to build scalable, secure and affordable production environments for our customer’s solutions to run in.
The company has proliferated over time and every year brings leaps in improvements and extensions to their offerings. Despite their rapid growth and success, the team has never lost touch with their customers and have always been at hand, in the rare cases that something went wrong. (It’s IT – something always goes wrong 🤔)


It is safe to say that the Elastic open source technology stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana or in short ELK is the simplest, fastest and the most versatile way to deal with large datasets in any project.
Data is what makes any application worth developing. While designing algorithms, methods or functions and writing clean code present an art form in itself, the efforts are not complete without data to be processed. By implementing ELK into our projects, compared to traditional database setups, we were able to reach unprecedented processing and loading times and reduce the footprint on our applications infrastructure needs.


Another technology with massive potential for the future and that has become a trusted companion on our journey Docker.
Docker’s core technology is so-called containers. Think of them as a virtualized and isolated rooms that run your application within them. The fundamental difference to traditional virtualization is, those containers, rather than containing an entire operating system within them only hold the parts of the operating system your application needs. These containers dock onto an existing infrastructure where they share common, application independent resources. Two of the significant benefits of this approach is the ability to more efficiently use your infrastructures resources and the ability to migrate “old” code to the cloud and run it on state-of-the-art environments.

The list goes on

The list is not exhaustive; there are many more: from the never-resting open source community, over code frameworks to great apps that make our everyday life so much better and help us develop genuinely beautiful products for our customers.

Collectively to all of you, I extend a huge thank you from all of us at Avionix. We would not be here without you – You guys rock!