Fast Lane

Find out how we provide the fastest way to take an idea to market by adding true value to your business and bringing your company forward.

What is Fast Lane?

Fast Lane is a 2 week program designed to analyse your projects feasibility, identify and validate the minimum viable product, MVP, and develop an in-depth project documentation allowing an accurate development time and cost estimate.

It is an ideal instrument to
▶︎ Get an initial analysis of an IT project vision you have and support you in your decision making process.
▶︎ Identify and estimate resources and costs of a project to avoid over-runs


During the 2 week program we will work to deliver the following


Project validation

Validation of your vision and devise a preliminary plan for you project


Identify weak spots

We scrutinise your project to find any issues before they cause headaches


Mitigate weaknesses

Help you understand how to counter weak spots and navigate around them


Feasibility analysis

Prove the project’s feasibility


Development documentation

In depth documentation allowing an accurate estimate of development time and costs

What our Fast Lane clients say

“There are always certain qualities you expect to find for a good partnership: professional attitude, willingness to listen and attention to details. The team of Avionix employs all of that together with reaching the set targets in a timely manner.

And last but not least – positive mindset. This makes anything possible!”

– Hannes Ling, Project Manager Trüb Baltic SA

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