Over time, Avionix has evolved from a hardware startup to a multi-discipline software company. To support these changes, we have started rolling out our new visual identity and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

A new logo

The most significant changes we’ve made are the ones to our logo. While we all love the sparrow-logo (or airplane, depending on your opinion), we decided that we will drop it from future publications, as it was designed and introduced in the early days of our endeavor. At the time we wanted to focus on general aviation, so it seemed a fitting logo; Today we focus on a broader spectrum of industries.

The new logo contains our wordmark only and has received a font face-lift with a modern touch – just like the services we offer.

More font changes

We have also said goodbye to our former font faces across print and digital media. We believe the new font faces are easier to read and compliment each other more elegantly.

Updated colors

Our corporate color palate received a fresh coat of paint too. The former royal blue has been lightened up slightly to add a bright note to it, and the supporting colors have been selected to add subtle nuances to our visuals without feeling too striking or out of place.

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks, we are also refreshing our websites overall appearance and starting with a clean slate.
As we evolved so quickly over the past few months, our online content has always tailed a few steps behind. Thus, we decided to overhaul all pages, drop the ones that were outdated and make sure the quality of the content matches our ambitions we hold dear during our everyday work.
Same applies to our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. Here we decided to drop the dead weight of Christmas-past and removed all former posts. In doing so, we clear the path for us to focus on sharing our experiences, technologies and relevant information with you, our readers.

So, explore our new site and stay tuned for exciting changes ahead.

Our new Media-Kit will be available for download shortly.