Founded in Switzerland.
At home in Europe.

The first idea behind Avionix evolved in 2014 in Zürich, Switzerland. At the time, our founders Kenneth and Dominic, both passionate aviators, wanted to solve some common issues pilots in general aviation experienced, when using Electronic Flight Bags.

In 2015 Avionix was incorporated in Zürich and quickly developed to a multi-discipline engineering company. To nourish growth, Avionix opened its first offsite office in Tallinn in January 2017. Since then, Avionix has focused more on software services and is continously establishing itself as a respected and reputable partner.

Who we are and what we do

Technology experts developing custom, cutting-edge software solutions that enrich the users who touch them.

Meet our leadership team


A vibrant start.

Are most significant milestones along our journey.

2017: Avionix goes international

In January 2017, Avionix opens first international office in Tallinn, Estonia. The ideal city for a technology company to thrive in, and at the heart of Europe's digital society.

2016: Alpha Startup at Web Summit

In November 2016, Avionix is invited to exhibit as an Alpha Startup at WebSummit, Europes largest tech conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

2015: Avionix named most innovative Startup

Avionix wins the Zurich insurance companys «Start Award» in the category of most innovative startup.
Also, Avionix llc. is incorporated in Switzerland.

2014 Avionix is born

Avionix Aviation Services Staub + Co., a registerd general partnership was entered into the commercial register of Zürich by Kenneth Staub and Dominic Staufer

From hardware to software

Any connected hardware needs software. As a startup designing a case for Apple iPad®we developed software in-house since day one.
Once it became clear that continued development of the case became unfeasible, the decision was taken to focus on software development as a service.

Since then, we've always taken great care in developing cutting-edge solutions that not only solve our customers needs, but also open new opportunities for them to prosper. Today, Avionix software runs in government, finance, healthcare and manufacturing companies across Europe.

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